Camp Run-A-Mutt San Marcos
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  • Daycare
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  • Grooming
  • Obedience
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Cage Free Daycare


Daycare rates

Full days

Full day is from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm weekdays and Saturdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Sundays from By Appointment only.
Single day
Five day package
$35.00 per day
Ten day package
$32.00 per day
Twenty day package
$29.00 per day
Month unlimited
$17.33 per day

Half days

Half day is considered six hours or less.
Half day (six hours or less)
Five half-day package
$24.00 per half day
Ten half-day package
$21.00 per half day
Twenty half-day package
$19.00 per half day
Month half-days unlimited
$12.17 per half day
All dogs require registration, proof of current vaccinations, and a personality test before their stay. Personality testing is done between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday - Saturday. ALL vaccinations must be current before testing.

Review Camp requirements and register online!

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Camp Run-A-Mutt offers the most unique cage free daycare anywhere. We feature a park like setting on premium synthetic lawn made especially for dogs, splash pond complete with waterfall and sun deck, ramps, bridges, dog houses, Kuranda dog beds, plenty of clean cool drinking water, lots of shade and even misters and a kiddie pool for the hot summer days.

Mornings at Camp consist of bringing out all the toys (from Kong balls to big Boomer balls), turning on the bubble machine and letting our campers chase, play fetch, run, jump at bubbles, sniff, be sniffed and just be a dog all while getting the socialization and excercise every dog needs. In the early afternoon we retire the toys and bubbles and let our campers bask in the sun, settle for a nap, take a dip in the pond or chase around their new friends.

Good behavior and fun are always encouraged by our highly qualified team of "Alpha humans". We are proud of the fact that the campers who qualify to be Camp Run-A-Mutters are never caged, never left unattended and can be watched on our Muttcams from any computer, iPhone, iPad or Web-enabled cell phone.

Benefits of daycare

Let's face it, for many of us, our dogs are our "kids", and just like the human ones, our canine kids need the same love, attention, education, and guidance. Doggie daycare can provide these essentials. Just being around other dogs will help your little one learn the social skills they will need to be a happy healthy dog. Dogs are "pack" animals at their core, and a feeling of belonging and acceptance comes from being around other members of the pack. The great part about Camp Run-A-Mutt is that your dog gets to socialize with other dogs that have been temperament tested in a physically safe environment while they are being constantly supervised. Strong social skills will enable your dog to lead a happier, healthier, and more confident life. Ideally, building these skills should begin when your kid is a puppy, but these social skills can be learned at any age. Running, jumping, fetching, and chasing are all part of CRAM, but while our kids are doing these activities they are also getting the exercise that their bodies and minds need.

Our staff and Campers

Our staff knows the concept of being the "Alpha Dog" in the pack. They have years of experience in dog handling and understand how important it is for a dog to listen and respond for the safety and fun for all. Camper wannabes are required to know basic obedience, show no aggression toward dogs or humans, refrain from jumping onto humans, play well with smaller dogs and not bark excessively. These are the characteristics we look for when testing and emphasized by our staff after the dog becomes an official "camper".

Cage Free Sleepovers / Boarding


Sleepover rates

Why pay for "extras" when they're really necessities?

Day of play & overnight stay
no charge
no charge
no charge
Nap time
no charge
Splash pond fun
no charge
no charge
Belly rubs
no charge
Lotsa Luvin'
no charge
NOTE: Holiday rates are $75 per night.
All dogs require registration, proof of current vaccinations, and a personality test before their stay. Personality testing is done between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday - Saturday. ALL vaccinations must be current before testing.

Review Camp requirements and register online!

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Napping in the sunshine!
Napping in the sunshine!

Campers who qualify to be overnight guests are in for a wonderful experience. Not only do they get to play with their buddies all day, when the sun goes down, we bring them into our large rubber floor play room where they are individually fed in their own private area. After supper they settle in for a night of relaxation, television and community snoozing with the pack. For many dogs, boarding can be a stressful experience. To minimize this stress, our goal is to have your dog's stay as close as possible to what they experience at home. Like our daycare, boarding is totally cage free and dogs are never left unattended. In fact, our "alpha human" actually sleeps with them in the same room. It’s kind of like a slum-grrr party.



While we think cage free is the best way to go, it's not for all dogs. Dogs who have not attended Camp Run-A-Mutt for daycare are required to stay at least a full day (minimum six hours) for evaluation to determine if they will get along in a cage free environment prior to an overnight stay. Feeding is included in the cost for boarding but we require you to supply your dog's food along with feeding and care instructions. Drop off time is by 12:00 noon and pick up is by close of business the last day of their stay.


  • Grooming Rates
  • Schedule Appointment

    *Includes haircut, furry facial scrub & massage, bath, brush, nail trim, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning.
    Small Dogs (up to 20 lbs)
    $40 - $55
    Medium Dogs (21-40 lbs)
    $50 - $60
    Large Dogs (41-60 lbs)
    $65 - $80
    X-Large Dogs (61+ lbs)


    *Includes bath, brush, furry facial scrub & massage, nail trim, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning.
    Small Dogs (up to 20 lbs)
    $30 - $40
    Medium Dogs (21-40 lbs)
    $40 - $50
    Large Dogs (41-60 lbs)
    $50 - $65
    X-Large Dogs (61+ lbs)


    (short hair dogs only)
    *Includes bath, and light blow dry
    Small Dogs
    $15 - $20
    Medium Dogs
    $25 - $30
    Large Dogs
    $35 - $40
    X-Large Dogs
    *$5-$25 extra for excessive matting & De-Shedding
    *Discounts available for monthly and every 6 weeks appointment.


    Nail trim only
    $10 small / $12 big
    Anal glands only
    Nail painting
    All-natural fur dying & highlight - Please ask us for estimate.


    Hot oil treatment
    Flea bath
    $5 small / $10 big
    Teeth brushing
    Medicated shampoo
    Quick & Fresh
    *Quick and Fresh includes nail trim, nail grinding, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning
  • Schedule Appointment

We are happy to announce that we offer full service grooming for your fur baby! We contract with caring and knowledgeable stylists use all natural products on your pup during a daycare or boarding visit!

Please welcome Ania!
One thing to be sure about with Ania is that she is a true dog lover. Working with animals has been her lifelong dream. After graduating from grooming school, she perfected her skills by volunteering at various dog shelters. She is skilled at recognizing and managing dogs of different personalities, ages and sizes--she has handled a variety of breeds ranging from Siberian Huskies to Yorkshire Terriers. She is experienced with various hair cuts, hand stripping, de-shedding, and much more. She is patient, kind and attentive to every furry client! From younger puppies to the more mature fur kids, she will give a special treatment to every single one. Your beloved dog is in good, loving hands with Ania!

Dogs who are not "campers" can also be groomed but are kept separate from the rest of the dogs until they are picked up. All "non-campers" need proof of current vaccinations. Grooming is by appointment only.

Obedience classes


Class info

Flexible sessions for $210/2mo
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Available Classes

Level 1
Date: Tuesdays 6pm and/or Wednesday 7pm
Price: $210 for 2 Months Unlimited
Levels 2
Date: Tuesday 7:00 pm and/or Thursday 6:00 pm
Price: $210 for 2 Months Unlimited
Levels 3
Date: Wednesday 6:00 pm and/or Thursday 7:00 pm
Price: $210 for 2 Months Unlimited
Puppy Class
Price: $85.00
Puppy Class is for puppies 8-20 weeks of age. There are 3 45 minute classes, and the focus is basic puppy behaviors and socializtion.

Class supplies

Leash, Collar (buckle), small soft treats, treat bag, thin dog bed and vaccination records (if not already on file at Camp Run-a-Mutt). Dogs must be at least 3 months old.

Class sign up

Obedience classes

At Camp Run-A-Mutt San Marcos, we use only positive reward-based training.  The pups are rewarded with treats, clickers, and lots of pets and praise.  This approach is based on research into dog behaviors and responses, and is supported by professional organizations such as the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. 

Early socialization and positive training result in a better quality of life for both you and your dog.  Dogs gain confidence, are responsive to your commands, and are welcome in the community--because they are well behaved and fun to have around.  You can be confident that your dog will be politely sitting by your side and waiting to be petted, instead of jumping up or knocking people down. 

We offer private and group lessons; our group lessons have be structured to offer flexibility in attendance and the opportunity to attend more than a single lesson a week--more than the traditional 6 week format.

Lloyd Reid and Sharon Andrews are the trainers at Camp Run-A-Mutt San Marcos.  Lloyd is certified as a Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA).  Sharon is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.  We encourage you to stop by Camp Run-A-Mutt San Marcos to learn about our training program, daycare, and boarding services!

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Camp Run-A-Mutt cage free daycare along with our obedience classes are a winning combination for any dog. The earlier your dog starts with socializing and proper training, the better quality of life he, and you, will have. You'll have a dog that’s confident, healthy, and happy because you cared enough to give him exactly what every dog needs.

We encourage the whole family to get involved with training so that’s why our classes are designed to teach the humans as well as the dog.

Much more!


Camp Run-A-Mutt San Marcos is proud to announce that we carry raw food from SOUL'Y  Raw.  

SOUL'Y Raw Pet Food specializes in Whole Prey Model Blends and Artisan hand-cut, air-dried single protein treats.  Every ingredient is USDA inspected and approved as human-grade.  Our products do not contain any grains, preservatives, chemicals, GMO;s, fillers or any powered supplements.
Essential vitamins and mineral vital to your pet;s health are all derived from a whole food source.

Dog boutique

Camp Run-A-Mutt offers the most unique, useful and just plain fun supplies for your pup. From the essentials like dog food, food and water bowls, vitamins, beds, shampoos and medication (all at prices that beat the big chains), to the non-essentials like toys, clothing and treats (although your pup may think these are the essentials too), we carry it all. Our goal is to make your pup happy and healthy while making your life easier by carrying everything they need in one stop. We support local vendors who come up with safe, unique and interesting products for your dog. This way we can offer things you won’t get from your local chain while supporting our community. And if it’s not here, let us know. We can probably fetch it for you.

Giving back to the community

Camp Run-A-Mutt loves dogs, and it is for this reason that we contribute our time and financial resources to help those pups that are less fortunate. We work with local shelters and rescue groups in addition to making charitable donations to several human organizations. Camp Run-A-Mutt believes in giving back to the community in which we live, after all, we are all one pack.