Camp Run-A-Mutt South Bay / LA
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Click the channel knob on the TV
to check out what's going on right now!

Please note: Muttcams only run during business hours.

Non-stop action!

Ready for the ultimate reality show? Then check out our Muttcams. You'll see live action of the shenanigans happening at the camp. Watch your dog run, play, nap and do things you never knew he did on our four cams. Your dog will have no idea he's being spied on and we won't tell him either.

Muttcams mobile!

Check out the Muttcams iPhone app! If you can't watch enough of the fun on your PC you can now check in on your furry pal on your iPhone. With Muttcams for the iPhone you'll never have to miss out on any of the action.

To save Muttcams as an iPhone app:

  • Open Safari on your iPhone
  • Type in
  • Touch the options button ad to home screen
  • Select "Add to Home Screen" button