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Our history

Three friends, one dog,
and lots of love!

The Camp Run-A-Mutt concept was born in mid 2007. We (Dennis, Mikel and Severn) put our heads together and came up with the obvious: build a place we’d bring our own dogs to. A clean, safe place that looks like a dog park with grass, toys, things to climb in, things crawl through, and water - not just to drink but to jump into and splash. Instead of cages, there’d be other dogs to play with and humans 24/7 to keep the chaos controlled. Also, "Muttcam" technology that allows people, no matter where they are, to watch their dogs having fun. Finally, a beautiful, user friendly website that allows customers to register their dogs, submit instructions for boarding and connect to a social network of dog lovers. When we opened on February 29th, 2008 we were proud of what we'd created and determined to change an industry that needed updating.

Since that first day, there’s been a recession and competition yet CRAM has had continuous growth. We’ve learned something everyday from every dog that’s walked in the door, and there have been thousands. It's not enough to provide a safe place for dogs, you have to love and care for them like your own. We have learned the nuts and bolts of running a successful business, winning awards from the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, local television stations and publications along with an A+ rating from the BBB and the San Diego Humane Society’s Compassion Award. This business was started with a basic love and respect for dogs and turned into a concept that thousands of dog lovers know, love and keep coming back.

Our promise

To most people, their dog is far more than just a pet, they're a member of the family. At Camp Run-A-Mutt we understand the importance of knowing your dog is safe and comfortable while in our care. We are committed to maintaining an environment that offers fun and exercise in a well supervised, clean and safe surrounding.

Dennis, Mikel, and Severn
Owners & Founders of Camp Run-A-Mutt

Who we are

  • Dennis Quaglia

    Working at a nuclear power plant, a space shuttle project, graduating from Cal Poly and climbing telephone poles did nothing to prepare Dennis for what his life would become.

    In 1992, Dennis met his true love, an English springer spaniel puppy he named Andy. The union was a life changer for both. Dennis taught Andy not to pee on the carpet and Andy taught Dennis how to love, respect and be patient with mans best friend. Andy was Dennis’ “once in a life time dog”.

    Andy and Dennis moved to San Diego in 1995 and by 2006, they had met Severn Crow and his Bulldog, Rocco, and Mikel Ross and his Jack Russell, Petey. When Andy became old, Dennis, like most dog owners, learned he would do anything for the comfort, safety and well being of his dog. As Andy’s health faded, Dennis daydreamed of a perfect place for Andy where he could do the things he loved to do as a younger pup: run, splash, climb onto, crawl under and be with his friends. With the help of Severn and Mikel, this daydream became to take shape.

    Andy passed on March 17th, 2007. Eleven months later Dennis, Severn and Mikel opened a new business. They could have easily called it “Andy’s Heaven” but settled on Camp Run-A-Mutt.

  • Severn Crow

    When you do what you love it's amazing what you can accomplish. Two of Severn's greatest passions are his work and his dog Rocco. Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, Severn has been a dog owner all his life beginning with his childhood dog German Shepherd "Duke" who was found scared and starving in the cellar of an abandoned house. This was the beginning of a lifelong affection for dogs and an insight on dealing with behavioral issues resulting from neglect and abuse.

    With a marketing and design background, Severn's career spans from running his own successful graphic and Web design business in the late 90's, to a Senior Web Designer for a Washington, DC publishing firm, and most recently as a Senior Web Developer for USA Today for almost a decade.

    Severn is responsible for Camp Run-A-Mutt's® online and print marketing, application development which enables the business to run efficiently, and overall business development.

  • Mikel Ross

    Mikel grew up in Northern Virginia, outside Washington D.C., where he used to run through the woods with his first dog Shadow. Mikel and Shadow were inseparable, hence her given name, and it was that bond that showed him what the love between a dog and a person could mean to both.

    He attended school at George Mason University where he focused on Marketing and Communications. He worked his way up through AOL headquarters and landed a job working in Partner Relations helping corporate partners with their web sites. While Mikel loved using his creative skills, he decided he wanted to be more hands on and help people.

    Mikel and his little sidekick, Petey, moved to San Diego in 2002 and worked as a personal trainer. He and Petey would get together after work with his friend Dennis at the dog park in the evenings and wind down. It was there that the idea of a doggy daycare came to be. In 2008, we opened our doors and almost 10 years later and thousands of dogs in his care, Mikel’s passion for our four legged friends has never waned.