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VIDEO: 3 Ways to Get Rid of Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

You’re walking out the door to work, when your dog whines, whimpers, and howls at the sight of you leaving. You hope they’ll be OK and that your place won’t be torn apart by the time you get back. Sound familiar? If you have a dog dealing with separation anxiety, this is a common situation, […]

Top Thanksgiving Foods Your Dog Can Eat

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I get hungry thinking about the turkey in the oven, the stuffing, and those mashed potatoes being whipped into shape. I know I’m not the only one who loves Thanksgiving. I can tell my dog Henry is feeling pretty grateful when he’s right under foot […]

You Get What You Pay For!

You get what you pay for. And you may be hoping to pay your way out of a full time second job of caring for a new dog. We never want to believe it, we always think we’re finding the better deal. We are always let down when we cut corners to save a few […]

Is this Your First Time…with a New Puppy?

Remember your first dog? Not the family dog, but the first dog you picked out of the litter, rescued or was gifted to you. The first dog that had YOU as the point of contact at the veterinarian, had YOUR phone number on their dog tag, the first dog you bought dog food for, medicine, […]

Turn Off the TV

We are all victims of habit. Most of us work, some work long hours, some have long commutes, some work from home but all with the same goal: to finish the day and enjoy some much needed down time. This is our reward for a day of accomplishment, stress and earning a paycheck. What is […]