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Important Message Concerning Covid-19

Parents of Camp Run-A-Mutt Pups,

Camp Run-A-Mutt wants you to know that we are following the news and guidelines on the Covid-19 Coronavirus and we are taking it very seriously. We will be updating our customers if anything changes with Camp Run-A-Mutt going forward. We are taking extra precautions, above and beyond our already stringent cleaning precautions, to protect you and your pups.

Before I proceed, we want to take a moment to sympathize with anyone that is dealing with this health emergency, either themselves, friends, or family. We also understand that this goes further than just health concerns. Financial, employment, school, childcare, supplies and lots of other facets of our lives are being affected and we want to do whatever is in our power to assist you. We would like to offer our assistance to you and your family in any way possible. Please just feel free to ask us.

You will notice that Camp Run-A-Mutt will be doing extra cleaning and sanitizing in our lobbies to keep you protected. We will diligently keep taking great care of your dogs, but we wanted to make you aware that while there is a canine coronavirus, it is in no means the same as Covid-19. The term coronavirus comes from the description of the virus when viewed under a microscope. This family of viruses looks like it is wearing a crown. These two viruses are not transmittable from human to dog or vice versa.

We highly recommend that you follow the precautions laid out by the CDC to protect yourself, your family, and the community at large. By all of us chipping in we will get through this, so please know that Camp Run-A-Mutt is doing our part.

Camp Run-A-Mutt