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At Camp Run-A-Mutt,
it's all about the dogs...

Cage free dog daycare is the best option for your pup!

The award-winning Camp Run-A-Mutt™ is the premier cage free dog daycare and boarding paradise! Our indoor/outdoor camp is beautiful (see for yourself on our Muttcams), fun, safe and supervised 24/7. Camp Run-A-Mutt™ LAX features over 17,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play area for your dog to romp, play and socialize to their heart's content! Watch your camper online as they run on the spacious grassy area, cool off in the custom waterfall/splashpond, relax on the sun deck or under the cooling misters on a hot day. We also offer dog washing, grooming, boutique, obedience training and surprises you’ll find only at Camp Run-A-Mutt™. Your pup will love it, and so will you.

It's not just the amenities that make us unique. Camp Run-A-Mutt™ is also 100% cage-free for both daycare and overnight boarding. Your pup will receive exceptional care by our well-trained, attentive staff who are certified in pet CPR and first aid. Overnight Campers enjoy the security of a caring human in the same room while they snooze. Our goal is to make boarding fun by minimizing the stress and anxiety some dogs experience when they are away from home. “Pack boarding” instead of cages, human love instead of being alone, it’s a no brainer.

Obedience Classes

5 Week Basic Course
every Monday and Thursday

Time:  5:00 PM

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Camp Location

Camp Run-A-Mutt LAX

11121 Hindry Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90045
phone: 833-386-2267
fax: 424-309-9483

Business Hours

Weekdays: 6:00am to 7:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am to 7:00pm
Sunday: Closed for Daycare
Pickup for days we are closed: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Our locations

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Our daycare lets dogs do what dogs do best: run with the pack, play with friends (both human and dog), chase balls, splash in our splash pond/waterfall, lounge in the sun or simply hide safely away on top of one of our many structures and watch the hi-jinx. See for yourself on our Muttcams.


Like our daycare, boarding is also cage free. This means, “pack boarding" indoors with the pack and mothered by our qualified alpha human. Our staff stays with your pup all night to make sure they are safe, comfortable, relaxed and all their needs are met. A good nights sleep tonight means a sharp mind and lots of energy tomorrow.


Our groomers are skilled, patient and most importantly, love dogs. Dogs who get groomed at our camp get to play right up until their appointment. Most dogs actually enjoy the break and our groomer knows that tired dogs are more relaxed and easier to groom. It’s really a win/win for everyone.


Even the best dogs can develop undesirable behaviors. All Camp Run-A-Mutt trainers practice positive re-enforcement methods which is the most humane and effective training there is. Most camps offer a variety of obedience options, like on-site classes, "board and train”, and one-on-one training.

Much More!

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Camp RunAMutt Los AngelesLAX, Dog Daycare, Los Angeles, CA

What our customers say

  • 9/26/2018 As someone who prides herself as a Dog Mom, this place melts my heart! Thanks to Camp Run-A-Mutt Los Angeles/ LAX location for giving so much love and genuine care to my three pups; Especially to two of my dogs that needed a little extra attention. I am truly happy that I found this place since it has only been open earlier this month (September 2018). I received "Dog Report Cards" for the dogs' first visit that were simply adorable to read with their Dog Dad. We also found the portrait drawings on each of their report cards were basically a pretty awesome touch too. We loved receiving the Polaroid pictures of our pups too and the ability to check in on them via "muttcams" online at their website right on our phones! We enjoyed talking to knowledgeable and friendly staff at drop off and pick up. Again, I am very thankful that the LAX area now has this unique style of doggie care, but that THESE people who run this location truly are a blessing. We know our pets are safe and well cared for at Camp Run-A-Mutt Los Angeles/ LAX. If I could give more than five stars for this organization than I would!
    Shelley T.
    Yolo, CA
  • 9/25/2018 My dogs love going to Camp-Run-A-Mutt/Los Angeles! So happy this daycare/boarding facility opened's so convenient for boarding our pups before heading to LAX. It's super clean, the staff is very friendly & so attentive to the pups. My fur babies have so much fun running in the clean yard, playing in the water feature, relaxing in the covered yard areas and having their tummies rubbed by the yard staff! I know they have fun because I can watch them during the day via the "MuttCam app". Can't imagine taking my dogs to any other daycare/boarding place. Oh & the best part, after a day at CRAM/Los Angeles-LAX my dogs come home mentally & physically exhausted = well-behaved doggies!
    C C.
    Hermosa Beach, CA
  • 9/22/2018 Most amazing facility. You know the moment you walk in that your fur family will be cared for as though they were family! The facilities are amazing. Your fur baby, will truly be treated like royalty! I can't wait to bring my fur baby back! Oh and the owner, he is so dedicated to assuring your baby had the best care!
    Lupe S.
    Downey, CA

Meet the owners

Sidney Long is a retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer with over 30 years of service.  Additionally, he honorably served his country as a United States Marine.  He has been training and working dogs for over 45 years.  Sidney’s love and enthusiasm for dogs began as a child, when he won his first obedience trial with a dog that he adopted and trained from the local humane society at the age of 5.  He continued to train neighborhood dogs as a hobby up until he joined the Marines.  

While in the Marines, Sidney continued with his love and desire to train dogs by getting involved and participating in Schutzhund and NAPWDA trials.  After receiving an Honorable Discharge from the Marines, Sidney soon began his law enforcement career.  He then created the K-9 Enforcement program for his agency where he was responsible for the development of policy and procedures, procurement and training of dogs and handlers for law enforcement use.  He attained certifications and accolades from several federal agencies, the military, law enforcement and private trainers as a dog trainer, master trainer and problem solver within the working K-9 world.  Sidney’s work with dogs has been recognized for its vast range of purposes.  To include man trailing, apprehension, protection, narcotics, explosive detection, obedience, and service dog training. 

Early in his law enforcement career, He and his wife Angelina also owned and operated a kennel and training facility (Land of Pride Kennels), where he trained dogs for both civilian and law enforcement purposes. Currently, Sidney and his wife are heavily involved in the dog show world competing in conformation and rally events within the AKC community.  

Sidney has always felt that one of his main determinations and ambitions in life was to train dogs and to help dog owners with their dog needs and concerns.  Now that he is retired and able to fully focus on his passion, the time is right.  After much research of the various dog industries, he continued to be drawn to the cage free doggie daycare concept.  With its fun, outdoor, cage-free environment, as well as a true, authentic love for dogs, and the overall family atmosphere for its franchisees, Camp Run-A-Mutt was the obvious choice. 

He and his wife are the proud owners of 5 dogs: CH Command, Angelina’s service dog (a Bouvier Des Flandres), CH Rizpah (a Bouvier Des Flandres), CH Optimus Prime (a Black Russian Terrier), H.R.H. Khaleesi Nefertiti (a Black Russian Terrier), and last but definitely not least.  Colonel Bentley (a English Bulldog).  You can see that Sidney has a broad range of experiences with caring for dogs, and he is bringing that knowledge to Camp Run-A-Mutt LAX to create a unique experience for the dogs in his care. Although he has spent a lot of time training working dogs, rest assured that your pup will have plenty of fun at Camp!