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A New Year, A New You, and A Better Life for Your Dog

Published January 4, 2024
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New Year’s resolutions for dog owners can help enhance the well-being of both the owner and their furry companion. Here are some resolutions that dog owners may consider:

Increase Exercise Routine:

  • Commit to more frequent and longer walks.
  • Take your pup to dog daycare, for stimulation and socialization.
  • Explore new parks or trails together.
  • Engage in interactive games like fetch or agility exercises.

Healthy Diet:

  • Consult with a vet to ensure the dog’s diet is well-balanced.
  • Avoid excessive treats and focus on nutritional snacks.
  • Consider incorporating more homemade or raw food options if appropriate.

Regular Vet Check-ups:

  • Schedule and attend routine veterinary appointments.
  • Keep vaccinations up to date.
  • Address any health concerns promptly.

Training and Enrichment:

  • Invest time in regular training sessions.
  • Introduce new tricks or commands to keep the dog mentally stimulated.
  • Provide puzzle toys and interactive games for mental enrichment.

Socialization Opportunities:

  • Arrange playdates with other dogs.
  • Attend dog daycare.
  • Attend obedience classes or dog-friendly events.
  • Expose the dog to various environments and people.(parks, Home Depot, etc.)

Grooming and Hygiene:

  • Establish a regular grooming routine or visit a professional groomer.
  • Brush the dog’s coat to prevent matting.
  • Keep nails trimmed and ears clean.

Dental Care:

  • Prioritize dental health with regular teeth brushing.
  • Provide dental chews or toys to promote oral hygiene.

Update Identification:

  • Ensure the dog’s ID tags and microchip information are current.
  • Update contact details with the microchip registry if needed.

Quality Time:

  • Dedicate more quality time for bonding.
  • Engage in activities the dog enjoys, like cuddling or playing.

Emergency Preparedness:

  • Create or update a pet emergency kit.
  • Identify a pet-friendly emergency shelter or arrangement.

Environmental Responsibility:

  • Dispose of waste responsibly during walks (nobody wants to be ‘that’ person).
  • Consider eco-friendly dog products.
  • Choose sustainable and locally sourced dog food if possible.

Monitor Weight and Fitness:

  • Keep an eye on the dog’s weight and adjust the diet and exercise accordingly.
  • Consult with a vet for guidance on maintaining a healthy weight.

Regular Flea and Tick Prevention:

  • Follow a consistent schedule for flea and tick prevention.
  • Check the dog for any signs of parasites regularly.

Remember, resolutions should be realistic and achievable. These resolutions are amendable, base them on your pup and your situation. We all want to be the best dog parents we can.

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  1. analiese

    I know one thing I want to be more consistent with is brushing my dog’s teeth!

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