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Do Dogs Go to Heaven?

Published May 18, 2016
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There is nothing harder than losing a beloved pet. They occupy all five of our senses and our hearts. When they depart, our senses are robbed and our hearts are broken.

But what happens to them when they close their eyes for the final time?

The Bible doesn’t have much to say about this, but does mention animals in heaven. That’s great but what about Bridgette, Andy, Tova, and Rocco…MY dogs? Surveys say 47% believe there are dogs in heaven, 35% say there aren’t. Hopefully, heaven believes in surveys.

Photo by Dominik Mecko

Literature has given us The Rainbow Bridge by an unknown author. It describes a place where departed pets exist, forever young and healthy, waiting for their owner to cross, “never to be parted again”. This poem was a lifeline when Andy died and I’m counting on its accuracy.

Then there’s the episode of The Twilight Zone (The Hunt, January 26, 1962) where an old man and his dog (Rip) drown in a river. The old man is compelled to follow a path and comes to a gate, but the gatekeeper won’t allow Rip to pass. The old man continues along the path, only to find a second gate.

When asked if Rip can join him, the gatekeeper says, “of course, all creatures are welcome in heaven”. Turns out, the first gate led to hell.

So there you have it, if the Bible, literature and 60’s television can agree on something, it must be true. Andy, here I come.

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  1. Wolfman

    all Gods creatures go to heaven and we hope man and animal lovers go to the second gate to be with their pets they really love—–The Wolfman——

  2. Unknown

    "Are there dogs in Heaven? Can't say that I know. But, if there aren't, then I want to go where they are at!" -Will Rogers

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