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Got a dog? There are 6 Great Apps to Try

Published February 22, 2022
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Remember the slogan, “There’s an app for that?” Popularized by Apple’s famous 2009 commercial, the catchphrase inspired a galore of spinoff songs and blog post headlines. Yet it continues to ring true today. While the novelty of apps has perhaps worn off, there’s no shortage of dog-friendly apps that can help you connect with your pup and keep them safe. Below is a list of some useful apps to check out next time you’re browsing the App Store.

1 Second Everyday: Video Diary

If you recently brought a new pup home, this could be a fun one to track their growth. Rated as the #1 Product of the Day in 2021 by Product Hunt, the app lets you take a one second video every day. At the end of the year (or whatever time frame you choose), the app will compile all your one-second clips into a sweet video. This is great for building memories you can look back on later.


If you need to leave your pup at home, Barkio is a dog monitor and pet cam app with a twist. Unlike other monitoring apps that require a special camera, Barkio lets you make use of extra phones, tablets, or computers you have to check in on them from afar. You can hear them bark, communicate to them remotely, and even capture video if you choose. It won’t be so easy for them to rummage through your trash can again.

The BringFido app is great for finding dog-friendly spots quickly. Photo by Alison Pang


BringFido is a handy app that can help you find dog-friendly restaurants, hotels, parks, and other places on the go. Users can upload snaps and rate how dog-friendly a place is, giving you the chance to find accommodations for your pup easily and quickly.

11Pets can help you share important info about your dog quickly & easily. Photo by beavera


Staying on top of your pup’s care can be challenging at times. This all-in-one app is great for keeping track and setting reminders on medical records, vaccinations, vet visits, expenses, and more. 11Pets allows you to share records with care providers that give them background on your pup. They also offer a Knowledge Hub that provides guidance on dog health and overall well-being. 


BarkHappy connects you with other dog parents that are looking to match their pup for a playdate. Create a profile of your pup, attend upcoming dog-friendly events in your area, and see lost-and-found alerts.

If you attend daycare with us, you can check in on your pup through our mobile Muttcams app.


If you attend daycare with us, we offer a web-based mobile app for our Muttcams. Each Camp has their own page with an option to see your pup full-screen and on the go. You may check out our app at

No matter what apps you may or may not use with your pup, we wish you lots of wonderful time together!

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