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Halloween safety for your dog

How to Keep Your Dog Safe & Happy on Halloween

Published October 15, 2019
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Halloween is inching its way closer, so now’s the time to start thinking how you’ll spend the spooky evening. That includes thinking about your pup—to them, Halloween must seem very strange! We’ve written some tips below on how to keep your dog safe and happy throughout the night:

Exercise beforehand

Before trick or treaters descend upon your home for candy, provide your pup with a long walk earlier in the day to help tucker them out and (hopefully) reduce some stress levels before the evening arrives.

Let your dog sit for a spell…in a different room

If your dog gets antsy about the doorbell ringing throughout the evening, giving them a separate space away from the door can provide some much-needed comfort and safety. Dulling the noise out with a movie or some music, along with providing all of their essentials, like their dog bed and water bowl, can go a long way in reducing stress for the both of you. Even better if you can hang out together!

Want to stop the doorbell madness all together? If you have some friends over, you could take “shifts” handing out candy in front of your home. Of course, you could also leave the bowl outside and simply replenish every hour.

Trick or treat, give your pup something good to eat

Halloween may be all about candy for humans, but it doesn’t mean your dog can’t enjoy the special night with treats of their own. Many seasonal dog treats pop up on shelves to let your pup enjoy Halloween as much as you do. Or perhaps they might enjoy a tasty bone?

It goes without saying…but keep human treats out of reach from your pup! Even tiny amounts of chocolate, xylitol, raw pumpkin, alcohol, and other Halloween goods can cause serious trouble for dogs. If you have kids, Halloween’s a great time to educate them about what kind of treats you can give dogs (and which types to stay away from). Of course, Halloween candy also comes with lots of little wrappers that may find themselves on the floor, so it’s something to watch out for as well.

Carve out some fun with your dog

The holiday is ripe with many seasonal activities, and many could be dog-friendly! It’s worth checking around to see if your local area offers dog-friendly Halloween events. Listed below are some potential ideas to check out:

Pumpkin patch — While pumpkin patches are primarily geared for kids, some may allow you to bring your pup (as long as they’re leashed). Your dog gets to sniff out the perfect pumpkin, and you get to carve it.

Dog walks / parades – Many cities will host a dog-friendly walk or dog costume parade. It’s a great way to meet other people (and especially dogs!), plus you get to see awesome costumes.

Ghost tours – If you want to get creeped out by your town’s history, check to see if any of your local ghost tours allow dogs to tag along. It’s guaranteed to be an interesting walk for both of you!
If you take your dog out to an event (especially if it’s later in the evening), make sure your dog is microchipped and their ID tag has up-to-date contact info. Keep your dog leashed (preferably on a short leash) at all times. Losing your pup is a scare nobody wants.

Plan ahead

If you’re going to be out for the night, consider bringing them over to a friend’s place, or boarding them for the night. They’ll be safe from dangerous candy, stressful sounds, and they get to hang out with their friends all night.

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