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Two french bulldogs wearing New Year headbands

New Year’s Resolutions

Published December 22, 2014

A lot of us like to make New Years Resolutions to better ourselves and get our lives to a better place. Well, what if we did the same for our dogs? Wouldn’t you want to make your pup happier and healthier? Here are a few ideas that could help you make your dogs life a little bit better:

Get my dog some new I.D. tags.

This is a great chance to add some pizzazz to your pup’s wardrobe and better yet add to their likelihood of not getting lost, or at least found a lot sooner. Over time tags can become hard to read, so update your info and update their style.

Less treats, more exercise.

Less treats, more exercise. – We all know that you love your dog, but the best way to show them is to give them the attention they really deserve. Spend a little more time with them, take an extra stroll around the block, a trip to the park, even some rasslin’ time on the floor. It’s good for their health (and yours), and it will strengthen the bond you have.

Groom your dog regularly.

Aside from a little 1-on-1 time, this will show your pup how much you care. Brushing their coat can distribute essential oils all over and keep them from getting uncomfortable mats. It’s also a great time to really look over your dog and see if there are any changes or abnormalities that you should discuss with your vet.

Make a date with the Vet.

Make an appointment to see your pups vet. Don’t wait until something is wrong. Let the doctor see them when they are 100% and let the vet establish a relationship with your dog when they aren’t under the weather. Talk about their diet and exercise.

Make a Play date.

Break up your routine as well as your dogs. Get together with a friend who has a like-minded pup. Go to the park and then maybe visit a dog friendly restaurant. It’ll be good for them and you.

Teach any dog a new trick.

Just like people, stimulating a dogs mind is good for them. It can keep them younger and healthier. Play a game or teach them a new trick. Any dog can learn, no matter how old. This again, will give you an opportunity to cement your bond.

So, there you have a few thoughts on things to do to make 2015 a little better for your pup and you. They say that “Dog is Man’s Best Friend”, but let’s flip it around and show them what they mean to us.

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