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The Unique Benefits of Walking Your Dog

As we inch our way into spring, warm sunny days are a great motivator to get outside and soak up some rays. We all know walking is a healthy habit, but walking our dogs? There are unique benefits! Getting outside is not only great for us, our four-legged best friends love it too.

You meet other people & dogs

As a dog owner, has anyone ever stopped you to comment how awesome your dog is? A recent study found people felt 23% more sociable because of their dog. People can also perceive you to be friendlier walking your dog. You might even meet your future date, so who needs a dating app when you have a cute dog?

Your dog is your workout buddy

Dog owners collectively walk a whopping 870 miles a year with their dogs. Whether your dog’s a speed demon or a pokey pup, you get additional steps in your day and a breath of fresh air. Walking has been linked to lower stress levels, stronger muscles, and lower blood pressure. You and your dog actually help motivate each other to get regular exercise and stay healthy.

It makes your dog really happy

Dogs are social creatures just like us, and they enjoy the one-on-one time with us. It’s a healthy cycle – the more time we spend with our dogs, the more likely we are to want to exercise them. Having a backyard is great for your dog to roam around, but dogs like new places to visit just like we do.

Your dog gets comfortable in new situations

When your dog’s exposed to new sights and smells, they get more comfortable with different places, people, and objects. They’re less likely to become scared or aggressive toward people wearing hats, striped shirts, or sunglasses. Just walking is an easy way to expose your dog to different situations.

Your dog uses up some energy

If your dog’s a ball of energy, taking them on daily walks is a much needed outlet to let them use up some of their excitement. If your dog’s dealing with separation anxiety, walking them before you leave can help.

You get to spend quality time with your dog

When it’s pouring rain outside, it’s harder to appreciate the quality time you have walking with your dog. Of course, that’s usually when they take their sweet time picking the perfect spot. With sunny days ahead, taking a daily walk with your dog is a perfect way to slow down and appreciate the time you have with them.

You can explore new places with your dog

It’s convenient to walk your dog around your neighborhood. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to go on a new adventure – it could be as simple as walking to the neighborhood across the street or exploring a new trail. Your dog gets to experience new smells, and you get a break from your typical, day-to-day scenery. Boredom comes from monotony…so shake things up a bit!

Where do you like to walk your dog? Let us know in the comments below.

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