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Published December 22, 2014
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“Cuz every dog should have his day!”

February 29th 2008 was the first day of Camp Run-A-Mutt. We opened our doors to 1 pup, and her name was Federicka, a golden retriever, that loved the water and spent most of her day in our splash pond playing with our own dogs. That was almost 7 years and literally thousands of dogs ago. It’s been our honor to look after so many great pups and our customers have welcomed us into their hearts and homes and adopted us as part of their families. People come to us with tons of questions regarding their dogs, or just dogs in general. So we decided to take this opportunity to begin our blog for Camp Run-A-Mutt.

We are first and foremost dog lovers. We are not veterinarians or veterinarian behaviorists, but that does not mean we are not experts as to what we do. We work with trainers, nutritionists, groomers, and vets, all to do what is in the best interest of the pup. Every decision we make, whether it pertains to a particular pup or a business conundrum, it all comes back to what is best for the dog.

This is Bark About…

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How Many Treats Can I Feed My Dog?

How Many Treats Can I Feed My Dog?

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