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Is Your Pup Feeling the Back to School Blues?

Are your kids heading back to school? Or maybe you’re heading back to the office for work? Your pup may experience some “back-to-school blues.” Learn some tips on how to help your dog as they adjust to a new fall routine.

Fireworks Fright: Helping Fido Stay Calm During the July 4th Holiday

Boom! Bang! Sizzle! While we hoomans marvel at the dazzling display of fireworks on July 4th, our furry friends often cower in fear. The loud noises, bright lights, and sudden explosions can send even the bravest dogs into a state of panic. So, let’s explore how we can be their super-heroes and help them feel […]

Doggone Hot! Keeping Your Pawsome Pooch Cool and Happy This Summer

It’s time to talk about our furry friends’ favorite season: summer! While dogs adore outdoor adventures, it’s crucial to keep them cool and comfortable during the dog days of summer.

Does My Dog Watch TV?

These days, in the competitive pet care industry, some dog boarding businesses offer TV in their overnight suites. Usually, DOGTV or Animal Planet are the chosen channels. This assumes your dog is going to watch TV in the first place, which is meant as a calming tool for the overnight stay. Are these “suites with […]

Where Your Dog Sleeps is an Indication of How Much You’re Willing to Spend on Them